Transformation Nation



A ministry of Alegria Ministries Inc.

  Founded on August 12 1996 as a non Profit 501(C)(3) Corporation by Rick and Sharon Reece, with experience in Brazil since 1974.

Our Purpose is to:

  • Train and equip people to be disciples and worshipers of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Facilitate the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ in the hearts of people.
  • Help bring about the unity in the body of Christ that Jesus prayed for in John 17
  • Support and help ministries which help, teach, disciple, and care for at risk children and youth in Brazil.
  • Channel resources to churches outside the US to help equip and mobilize them to further the kingdom of God around the world.
  • Be full time worshipers and intercessors ourselves and mentor and train worshipers.

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